We offer a wide range of fibers such as cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon and acrylic.  We use various spinning methods to produce yarn for any purpose. 


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We offer a variety of knitted & woven fabrics.  Special finishes such as wicking, elastomeric, soil release, antimicrobial, and UV Protection are available. 


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Commission Dyeing

We offer premium yarn & fabric dyeing upon request.  Our experts and laboratory ensure accurate recreation of any color or shade.  The chemicals we use are OEKO-TEX certified (safe for consumers & the environment).



Leading Textiles was established in 1988 as a dye house.  After developing the factory in Tullamarine, the company emerged as a competitive commission dyer and supplier of yarn & fabrics.  While the Australian textiles sector shrank in the 90s due to globalization and financial deregulation, Leading Textiles continued to thrive.  Today, we have consolidated our position as Australia's premier textiles manufacturer and one of the few remaining in the local industry.


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